It's all about entertainment.

If you can make at least one person forget their daily routines, then it's worth doing it. Me and my guitar are more than happy to be part of this journey - and entertain you.

- Amen-Ra

22 Sep 2021

Amen-Ra goes acoustic with Ovation

I am more than excited to tell you that I am now part of the Ovation acoustic guitar family! In the early days of Lordi, we didn't want to have any acoustic or clean sounds on our albums. We just wanted loud electric guitars. Little by little, we started to add some clean sound here and there, but you probably won't even hear those all! And yeah, years and albums went by, and then we reached the point where we were even ready for an acoustic guitar solo! (»Granny's Gone Crazy« from the album »Babez for Breakfast«). When we were working on this new release, »Lordiversity « (7 album box set), we found out that we needed more and more real acoustic guitar sound. Then with the big help of Nalle, Gewa Music contacted me and after few meetings with Thomas Neuhierl (from Gewa), I signed the contract with Ovation guitars. I could not be happier with this opportunity to work with this legendary company! I have always loved the Ovation guitar design - it's something different and that's what I like, standing out ;) Those guitars are also great to play for a guy like me who has a strong electric guitar background. I will talk more about the sound later, but I tell you this - it is exactly how I want the acoustic guitar to sound. You will hear it on the new albums and someday live too!

Woah, this is crazy - me being part of the Ovation family - life can be adventurous and this is the trip I feel honored to take!
Photo edit: Royal Nightmare

Stay safe, love <3,

29 Oct 2020

Amen invading... ebay!

Wow! You guys are crazy 😍 Within less than an hour after I posted about it on Instagram (I couldn't even post here before all the vinyl were gone 😱) you completely emptied my shop on eBay! I'm working on restocking as soon as possible (not only vinyls, but even more!) and will keep you posted once you can buy my single on eBay again. I love you guys. Cheers!

Stay safe, love <3,

25 Oct 2020

1 years Anniversary »Stone and Stars»

This guy is celebrating one year anniversary of Stone and Stars - single, are you? I am.

So be it, it shall be done,

23 May 2020

Thank you, Scream Streamers

To all who joined in scream stream live this weekend, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ it was truly a monster family night, you're the best!

Picture taken from the Lordi's Square, Rovaniemi. My 'high five' to you, my friends.

Photo by MapleStorm

So be it, it shall be done,

08 May 2020

Amen-Ra Lockdown

Another day at the office... I was pretty bored because of this coronavirus pandemic and lockdown and all... But then Mr. Lordi called me...

Remember to subscribe to my YouTomb channel because I need those 1k subscribers to start live streams 😀 yes I do have plans for you 😈

Stay safe, love <3,

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